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Are you already a certified diver? 
Do you want to enjoy the variety of diving spots on the Northeast coast of Bali?


Diving in the Northeast area of Bali can be divided into 3 different diving areas; KUBU, TULAMBEN and AMED/LIPAH, each of them with different characteristics. We can find diving spots for all levels, several wrecks, current diving and specific world-renowned MUCK dives.


Most of the diving spots are accessible from the beach. Before each dive there will be a briefing of the diving point and the life that we can find. The diving groups will have a maximum of 4 people and will be guided by experienced divers who know the area.


  • Day dives: 2 bottles per departure (morning or afternoon)

  • Night dives: 1 bottle per outing (check availability)

  • ​Maximum depth: According to your certification​

Puntos de Buceo Amed

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Dive into the crystal clear waters and discover an underwater world full of life and beauty off the east coast of Bali. With its stunning coral reefs, historic shipwrecks and incredible diversity of marine life, this region is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts from around the world.

Amed: Known for its stunning underwater landscapes and rich marine biodiversity, Amed is one of the most popular diving destinations in Bali. Explore the colorful coral reefs that line the coast, home to a variety of tropical fish, sea turtles and other fascinating creatures. The dive sites in Amed offer ideal conditions for divers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Tulamben:Immerse yourself in history at Tulamben, home to the famous USSAT shipwreck. Liberty. This American warship, sunk during World War II, is now an artificial reef covered in vibrant corals and home to an astonishing variety of marine life. Explore the wreck as you dive among schools of fish and get a close look at the incredible marine life that surrounds it.

Kubu:Located between Amed and Tulamben, Kubu is another notable destination for diving enthusiasts. Here, divers can explore underwater caves, pristine coral reefs and a fascinating variety of marine life. The dive sites in Kubu offer a unique experience, with the chance to see reef sharks, manta rays, moray eels and much more.

Whether you're an experienced diver or looking to learn how to dive, Bali's east coast offers an unforgettable underwater experience. With warm, clear waters all year round, as well as an incredible variety of dive sites to explore, this corner of Bali will captivate you with its underwater beauty and vibrant marine life. 

Note If you haven't dived in more than 1 year you will need a Refresh.

DIVES / Dive Packages

1 Dive ...........IDR 500,000

2 Dives........IDR 900,000

4 Dives..........IDR 1,720,000

6 Dives..........IDR 2,550,000

8 dives..........IDR 3,200,000

Night...................IDR 650,000

Private guide...........IDR +150,000

Computer Rental..........IDR +50,000

Refresh+ 1 dive..........IDR 1,100,000


 * Complete Diving Equipment.  

 * Diving Insurance.

 * Diving Guide or Instructor. 

 *  Snacks or fruit between dives.

 * Water ​

Divie Sites

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