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Salidas Diarias
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If you are an amateur photographer  or professional underwater macro or wide-angle photography, with own photography equipment  and you don't want to worry about going in groups of common divers, taking your time taking your photos and going to special diving spots for this type of modality, with one of our qualified staff who will accompany you  during dives  facilitating you  search help  of the best species that can be seen throughout the Tarutao National Park. Find out about all the options we can offer you.

The Tarutao National Park with its more than 30 registered dive sites, as many unregistered, brings together a great biodiversity in its seabed, thus making it one of the best destinations in all of Thailand for diving and underwater photography . 

Hundreds of different species inhabit the National Park of all kinds, tell us what kind of photographs you want to take and we will establish a work plan for the following days with one of our experienced staff who will accompany you on your dives in search  of what you need to photograph. 

Macro or super macro photography , wide angle, landscape, are some of the modalities that you could  photograph in the national park  

We leave you some photographers  and your photos of your time at our school and your photos taken here.  

Aldo Galante

Macro & Super Macro Photography

Samuel Andres

Macro photography

At Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe we have up to 2 daily departures, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with two dives in each of them and a night dive that can only be done from the beach.  

The Tarutao National Park has more that 30 diving points plus some that are not on the maps to see some very specific things in case you need to photograph.

The outings for photographers have specific diving points for this activity, macro photography, wide angle, landscape  etc. (tell us your needs)

What Includes :

  * Full Diving Equipment.  

  * Diving Insurance.

  * Diving Guide or (Spotter).  

  * Food, Fruit or snacks on the boat.

  * Water in the center and boat.  

  * National Park Fees (Not included) 200 THB



*  underwater photographic Own equipment.

*  Certification  minimal Advanced Diver.

*  Minimum 30 logged dives.

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To find out the rate for special outings for photographers, send us an email and we will make you a budget according to the number of photographers, outings and diving days.

(Prices are subject to change, depending on the season and promotions).

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